Saturday, March 6, 2010

The sky is falling!!

Melbourne has just had the worse hail storm in years!
With flooding in the CBD and extensive damage to buildings and cars. There were some reports of hail as big as golf balls and the hail created a blanket of white that looked almost like snow!

As soon as it started I hoped it wouldn't get worse but it did.. The velocity of it thundering down.. was as if it'd break windows! Sure enough after 10 mins or so, our house was damaged :( and my poor car too. But there are others with far worse damage.

Mother nature has been very extreme this year so far, from extreme blizzards and snow, flash flooding, earthquakes and now this storm.

The weather forecast for the next few days is for more storm and hail... Which is very bad news ...

The pictures are from our house, I'm glad that we didn't get tennis ball size hail stones (edit: photos of hail were taken around 2hrs later and were still quite big and from
the damage seen around our area it was probably more golf ball size). We still had enough damage and land lines are still down.. at least we still have power.

Hopefully that's the worse of it..

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