Monday, January 11, 2010

China one day.. Australia the next!

Back from my first trip to china :)

Was a very interesting experience and enjoyed seeing a different part of the world. Some areas reminded me of old parts of singapore and new too.

Food was great but some was not the 'usual' as such, we didn't go to fancy restaurants but local places instead. The style was different to what we eat in Melbourne, Singapore and what my mum cooks too.

What some think as normal here is not for them and vice versa.

They have Chinese fast food places where you get set meals that are balanced out.. But were very yummy!! :D

Even a place called 'kung fu' with bruce lee as there icon/logo!

KFC is more popular there than McDonald's and china's KFC have some traditional dishes added to their menu such as congee.

I was hoping it'd have some snow while I was there..
And on the second last day I was surprised in the morning by a light dusting of snow! Completely missed it when I was in the elevator going to breakfast and didn't see it till I was going back to my room.. I can be as blind as a bat sometimes...

There was a light sprinkling of snow flakes all morning and the snow didn't start to melt till mid afternoon.. I was told it was the heaviest snow in Jinhua for a very long time as usually it melts very quickly.

I do love the cold! What a complete change to come back to 35 degrees Melbourne!!

The people were all very nice and polite... And many times I did have to apologise and say sorry english 0_0'

If only I had a chance to have learnt... Maybe later on? Although I would imagine it would be harder now to learn then as a child..


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your trip on here. :) The photos are great :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time, trust you being the designer you are to notice Bruce lee as a logo! Hehe I think as blind as a bat sometimes too! :)

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