Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas filled with family, friends and lots of food!

This was a house we have visited for the last few years as it is the BEST lighted up house I've ever seen!

Every square inch of the house and garden are lit up! They even have lots of animated figures set up in the garage... Sadly this is the last year they are having it. Which explained the large crowd of probably around 200ppl!

Mmmm...I smell cookies!

Baked and iced a huge batch of Christmas cookies to give and share. Was fun icing them, gotta make some more soon!

Sorry for the not so great pics as it's just so much more convenient to take pictures with your phone..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

On our drive to the Mornington Peninsula, we came across Santa's Place!!

It was literally raining cats and dogs but that didn't stop us or the many other people.

There was so much to look at, hence the overload of images!
I do wished it snowed here in Australia for Christmas! Shame we didn't end up moving to Canada, would have loved waking up to a snowy scene. Closest thing we have had to snow here in Melbourne was hail a few years back!

These Christmas trees with snow looked fantastic and real too! You can also buy real Christmas trees out the back.

They sold miniature models of buildings and people etc.. All the different buildings had a different theme and were so intricate with the details.

Really gets you into the spirit of the season. Great place to visit with the kids or not?! :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweet like Chocolate!

It was a wet, gloomy, rainy day as we made our way towards Flinders, along the Mornington Peninsula.

A pleasant drive even with the rain! Rolling hills and sweeping vistas, with surprisingly moderate traffic. Seemed people weren't deterred by the weather.

When we finally arrived, first stop was the Mornington Peninsula Chocolates!

A little quaint shop, with lots of handmade chocolates! They hand make them on the premises. It was a bit hard deciding what to get with the selection....

Also they had macaroons! I've always wanted to try them and these were cute mini delicious macaroons! Made by a former patisserie chef from infamous Laduree in Paris.

Mmmmmm... Macaroons!
Gonna have to try and make some, however from previous Master Chef episodes, they are tricky little things to make.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Japanese DAISO store now in Australia

DAISO is a popular and successful 100 yen shop, which first opened in 1977 in Japan. There are other types of 100 yen stores in Japan but they are not as popular. Daiso has expanded internationally to 25 countries, which now includes Australia. With 2600 stores in Japan alone and 600 globally, this multi-billion dollar company looks to be taking over the world!

Selling bargain priced products for the living room, kitchen, bathroom, personal care, stationary, food and other novelty items. All the items in there store are sold at a fixed price. So in Japan, their items are all 100yen, however recently they have started to sell some items which are more expensive.

Now finally in Australia! Our very first store was opened on Thursday 28th October in Abbotsford, Melbourne.

Now we do have our own generic 1 dollar / 2 dollar shops, which you would think only sold items priced at 1 dollar or 2 dollars right? However this is not the case, as usually this is just a gimmick to get you inside. But you can find bargains in these shops usually...

Daiso in Melbourne, is selling everything for $2.80! These days to buy something at $2.80 is not easy, unless your buying online.

Hoping that our first store was going to be as big as some of the other stores I've heard about in other countries, with multiple levels... but after our visit I was a bit disappointed with the size of the store.. it was very very small, which meant there was only a selection of products available.

When we arrived in the morning, there was already quite a queue forming just to get in!

They had to wait for people to leave before allowing anymore people inside, so there would still be enough room to walk among the aisles of products. We knew we would buy something, but didn't realise how much! Sure enough they had a selection of everything. I couldn't help but buy things that were "cute", and my friend ended up buying more than she had expected too. There wasn't as many food items either, mainly lollies and some snacks.

These were miniature food erasers

There were a few items which she found amusing, but i had come across some of these before.
When it comes to Japanese products.. there are always going to be some weird and wacky items..which can be useful too.

Container to keep your half eaten banana, electric eraser

Portable mini toilet, socks for your chair

After being crammed inside, and with some people pushing just to get past you... it was time to pay..
we had to line up again to even get to the register... this took us around 10-15mins. The store next door Chicken Feed (another bargain variety store) had opened recently too, but was lacking in customers. Kinda felt a bit sorry for them, as everyone was making their way to Daiso instead.

We did end up with some nice finds, such as these cute sponges which will make cleaning up a little bit more fun, some heart motifs plates and bowl, decorative mugs, and cosmetics just to name a few... below are just some of the items we ended up buying.

We'll definitely be taking a trip back there, but i hope they will expand to other areas of Melbourne, but with a much much larger store next time with room to walk!
Maybe one day I'll be able to head over to Japan and visit one of their larger stores too.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a Hair Raising good time!

Last night was a adventure into the 60's!

The Australian version of "Hairspray The Musical" opened on Oct 2nd in Melbourne.

Shown at the Princess theatre, we were only 5 rows from the front! The last and first musical I saw was "Mamma Mia", we were seated on the second level mid way, so seeing the expressions on the actors faces was a little bit difficult, compared to last night..

If you enjoyed the movie version , you'll definitely enjoy the on stage musical. The set used large digital screens very cleverly throughout, and the colours and costumes were fantastic!!

SYTYCD Australian winner Jack Chambers played Link. Now we know he can dance! But who knew he could sing!

The whole show was great, lots of laughs throughout never a dull moment. Loved the dancing, music, singing, costumes... Well loved it all!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Homewares for you to buy and share!

I have a Envelop shop open, where you can buy textiles homewares. Currently available are pillows, tote bags and table runners, with more items to be added soon!

If you would like to see one of my prints on an item, please let me know, as if it's suitable i will add it to my shop.

Envelop textiles are made in the province of Antwerp, Belgium and are made of 100% pure cotton.

Should you buy something from my shop, it would be great to see how it's being used and it's new home.
So take a photo, email me and i shall post it up for all to see.

Click here to see more!  :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Printastic...nice to print you!

Hot off the press!

I have some of my work online at Printastic for sale as prints.

Available now are, Gossip, Flyfishy, Good Luck, Adrift and Dear Oh Deer.
They are giclee prints in matte paper in 310gr. 100% cotton and acid free, so they'll last for years to come.

As quoted from their site:
" we have pocket happy prices ( your walls will be even more happy!)"

Click here to get your hands on some prints! 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear Oh Deer

'Dear Oh Deer' is a piece that was sadly waiting to be finished, and at last it is.
With all the extra  hiccups lately outside of work, I had started to neglect this piece and updating my blog recently.. oops! So easy to get side tracked..

Autumn has finally hit, hooray! Time to get out the scarves and boots, sip hot chocolate and carry a umbrella around. Although with Melbourne's infamous four seasons in one day, it's always good to have an umbrella close at hand, as you just never know...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Get crafty with Pica Pica magzaine

This was my entry for the new UK craft magazine 'Pica Pica'.

My work was chosen as one of five runners up, which will be published inside their first issue.

Front cover & back cover design.

To view the other entries including the winning design and for more info about Pica Pica... take a look here

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The sky is falling!!

Melbourne has just had the worse hail storm in years!
With flooding in the CBD and extensive damage to buildings and cars. There were some reports of hail as big as golf balls and the hail created a blanket of white that looked almost like snow!

As soon as it started I hoped it wouldn't get worse but it did.. The velocity of it thundering down.. was as if it'd break windows! Sure enough after 10 mins or so, our house was damaged :( and my poor car too. But there are others with far worse damage.

Mother nature has been very extreme this year so far, from extreme blizzards and snow, flash flooding, earthquakes and now this storm.

The weather forecast for the next few days is for more storm and hail... Which is very bad news ...

The pictures are from our house, I'm glad that we didn't get tennis ball size hail stones (edit: photos of hail were taken around 2hrs later and were still quite big and from
the damage seen around our area it was probably more golf ball size). We still had enough damage and land lines are still down.. at least we still have power.

Hopefully that's the worse of it..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Illustration Friday...adrift...

Answering Illustration Friday's topic for this week...Adrift...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Envy extended and revealed..

The Envy show has been extended till Saturday February 13th.

These were the two pieces that are in the exhibition.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New work in a exhibition!

So relieved, my work finally arrived Canada ! 
It's a group exhibition that i have two new pieces , 'Plume' and 'Envious'.
We had to create our work based on one of the seven sins - Envy.

So here's a glimpse of my two illustrations, i will post the 'full' pictures later on once the exhibition starts :)

Quite excited as it's my first international exhibition, and hopefully the first of many for this year and the future.

Unfortunately,  I can't make it to Canada to see it in person (but one day i will), but if you're in the area hopefully you can go to the show and see all the great work. All the artworks in the show will be for sale too.


#2 of the Seven Deadly Sins Project
January 21 – February 7, 2010
Reception: Saturday, January 23, 2010
7-10 PM

The Beverly Owens Project
1140 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario. (Just steps from the Drake Hotel)

Monday, January 11, 2010

China one day.. Australia the next!

Back from my first trip to china :)

Was a very interesting experience and enjoyed seeing a different part of the world. Some areas reminded me of old parts of singapore and new too.

Food was great but some was not the 'usual' as such, we didn't go to fancy restaurants but local places instead. The style was different to what we eat in Melbourne, Singapore and what my mum cooks too.

What some think as normal here is not for them and vice versa.

They have Chinese fast food places where you get set meals that are balanced out.. But were very yummy!! :D

Even a place called 'kung fu' with bruce lee as there icon/logo!

KFC is more popular there than McDonald's and china's KFC have some traditional dishes added to their menu such as congee.

I was hoping it'd have some snow while I was there..
And on the second last day I was surprised in the morning by a light dusting of snow! Completely missed it when I was in the elevator going to breakfast and didn't see it till I was going back to my room.. I can be as blind as a bat sometimes...

There was a light sprinkling of snow flakes all morning and the snow didn't start to melt till mid afternoon.. I was told it was the heaviest snow in Jinhua for a very long time as usually it melts very quickly.

I do love the cold! What a complete change to come back to 35 degrees Melbourne!!

The people were all very nice and polite... And many times I did have to apologise and say sorry english 0_0'

If only I had a chance to have learnt... Maybe later on? Although I would imagine it would be harder now to learn then as a child..

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